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ICM : FINALS — December 18, 2015


Patterns patterns everywhere

After much contemplation and random coding and changing topics, I decided to work on fractals. But, less mathematically and more with the visuals of it.

Recently my friend was talking about designing patterns for fabrics and so I thought of trying to make patterns with math!

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ICM 10 : Listen to the View — November 3, 2015

ICM 10 : Listen to the View

The fact is this – I am curious to hear how a fractal sounds. As crazy as this sounds, it is true. I have recently begun to wonder what it would be like to convert a light spectrum into music.

I experimented with this idea last week and here is what I ended up with.

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ICM 9 : Video and Sound — October 26, 2015

ICM 9 : Video and Sound

While watching an Indian movie a few days ago I saw the actors in the movie recording music using a button and looping it over. I found it interesting, just because of its simplicity. Sure, there are tools which allow us to do the same thing – audacity, adobe stuff etc. But to be able to loop over multiple sound tracks by just pressing a button felt more gratifying. There was no need to know how to code or use tools to create music!

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ICM 7 : DOM Elements — October 11, 2015
ICM 5 : Objectify – part deux — October 6, 2015
ICM 4: Objectify — September 29, 2015
ICM 3: Transformations — September 21, 2015
ICM 2: Animation — September 13, 2015
ICM 1 – ICM Begins — September 4, 2015

ICM 1 – ICM Begins

In ICM class 2 days ago, we discussed a javascript framework for art – p5.js. We were tasked with making a drawing using this framework and I was spending a good amount of time contemplating what to draw. I then decided to just start trying a few inbuilt functions and see where I go.

Honestly, I didn’t get too far. There was a discussion in class on looping in a computer program and so I decided to just test lines and loops.

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