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Thesis – Research – Week 1 — January 29, 2017

Thesis – Research – Week 1

Modified Question

India has a rich history of storytelling and traditional forms of education. How can we use these storytelling techniques for education of newer ideas and technology?

Current Research

Indian folk art

Various forms of storytelling –

  • Jadopatia
  • Kavaad
  • Folios in Jain Manuscript
  • Katha Kalakshebam

I have expanded on just two of the topics I researched on below –


This is form of scroll painting from Bengal that usually talks of stories of God.


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Initial Thesis Questions —

Initial Thesis Questions

I started of with the below initial questions for this thesis

  • What would this art be like if technology was a part of it?
  • What is the intersection of indian art form and tech ?
  • How much can we intervene without disturbing the original intent of the piece?
  • Can we aid the process of creation without losing the history behind it?

With this topic in mind, I did a lot of research which looked at the ideas of “revival” and “digitization of art”. ¬†With Andrew’s suggestion I read about the idea of mechanical reproduction on old forms of art.

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