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ANIMATION : CUT OUT 2 — December 18, 2015


Post coming up with our idea, we went through multiple iterations of our character and out background.

We finally settled on our character being a mannequin who walk into a fashion magazine. Through this journey, she tries on different clothes to see who she should be like. Finally she decides that it is pretty perfect to just be herself.

Our main focus in the animation was the walking cycle of the mannequin and the ‘show off’ of each model.

The walking cycle was done using the puppet tool and the ‘show off’ using multiple masks.





Patterns patterns everywhere

After much contemplation and random coding and changing topics, I decided to work on fractals. But, less mathematically and more with the visuals of it.

Recently my friend was talking about designing patterns for fabrics and so I thought of trying to make patterns with math!

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