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User Testing – NY Hall of Sci — March 27, 2017

User Testing – NY Hall of Sci

Testing Day !

At the NY Hall of Sci – I got to test the prototype with ~17 kids of a wide age range (age 5-11)


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Prep for User Testing —

Prep for User Testing

Since I was getting a lot of feedback from adults, I thought it was high time to test with the actual audience.

Satbir arranged for me to set up a small stall for testing at the Maker Hall in NY hall of Science on March 26th and so I started getting prepared for that.

First I finished making the prototype into an entire box and testing the circuits that go into it.

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Simple Circuit – Public Prototype — March 21, 2017
Simple Circuits – More Prototypes —
Simple Circuit – StoryBoard —

Simple Circuit – StoryBoard

Below is the storyboard for the simple circuits kaavad

Boy who is afraid of the dark

1) Introduce the charecter and the house (this can all be in the front page) (Show his house and the lights)

2) Now, all the lights in his house stopped working, but he needs to get to his room. Let’s help him! – introduce the components and the weapons in the game


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