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ANIMATION : STOP MOTION 1 — October 28, 2015


Another course begins.

Stop motion animation has always been a craze of mine, I’ve tried a few rough pieces but not too many complete ones. So when we were told that or assignment was to make one, my mind was floating with ideas! Paper animation, clay animation!

But when we sat down as a team to discuss, we knew only one thing was evident – the frustrations of midterm. With submission the day after, we were all debugging and fixing and running on caffine.

So naturally, our story had to be about an everyday Karl. Karl who make circuits, Karl who breaks circuit, and more importantly – Karl who kill bugs! We wanted our character to have a everyone personality and be the same size as circuit. Lego Man seemed just perfect.

Our story board started fitting in place as one of us trying to get through the midterm and so here it is –

ICM 9 : Video and Sound — October 26, 2015

ICM 9 : Video and Sound

While watching an Indian movie a few days ago I saw the actors in the movie recording music using a button and looping it over. I found it interesting, just because of its simplicity. Sure, there are tools which allow us to do the same thing – audacity, adobe stuff etc. But to be able to loop over multiple sound tracks by just pressing a button felt more gratifying. There was no need to know how to code or use tools to create music!

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Fab 6 : MultiStand — October 25, 2015

Fab 6 : MultiStand

My inspiration for this week was literally staring me in my face. I walked into my friends apartment and found 6 guitars lying around – 3 of them near the kitchen. So it was time to learn how to make a guitar stand.Img1.jpg

I found this one DIY I liked a lot and decided to try it out for my need. I wanted it hold 3 guitars and I wanted to carry it in a subway.

Click here for video


Material needed

* 20ft of 2x3 (whitewood stud) * 6ft of Rubber pipe insulation * Screws, jigs * Awesome shop staff

I started with making the bottom first. Most of it was done just using the pocket screw jig and making the 90 degree angles.





Once, I started working on the back, it was all about the clamping. C clamps, 90 degree clams, shop staff clamps.








Once the frame was done, I needed two pieces with 45 degree cuts to create a crossbar to the frame. So once I got that cut, it was clamping time again.



After checking that a guitar would actually sit on it, I cut out the curves for the neck using the scroll saw and hand held scroll saw.



And after some staining near the slop sink and rubber insulation – it’s time to take it home!





PCOM 7 : THEREMIN PART DEUX — October 24, 2015


So this week when we were told to make a composition, my mind went crazy. I LOVE PATTERNS. It’s borderline obsession. So, I started playing with my old ICM homework and tweaking the colour on them.

Lines ahoy – Final piece here

This is lines, just lines. I played with the saturation here and made the saturation of each ‘circle’ vary while the hue and brightness stay the same.

Here the brightness varies within each circle.


Next, the saturation was the same but the brightness varied – the result was quite dull.


Then I tried changing the hue over a small range (0-30) while keeping the others constant.


Triangulation –Final piece here

Here I had 2 rows of triangle fractals – where the hue, saturation and brightness varied in each fractal and the alternate rows were complementary colours.

Here, the hue is varying within the triangle over a small range and you can choose the hue range.


Saturation is varying in each module here.


I thought the previous image had depth. Until I saw what happened when I varied brightness. This effect was perfect for this pattern. It brought 3D into 2D.


Back to Basics – Final piece here

I still wanted to do something that was using basic shapes so that the shift in colours was more obvious. I was recently introduced to Sol Lewis so I decided to use one of his pieces as my inspiration.


The below composition is what I came up with. The pieces on the left constantly vary in saturation. The one on the right in brightness and the hue of the two are complementary. The middle piece varies in hue across the previous 2 hues.










VLang 5 : Business Card — October 18, 2015

VLang 5 : Business Card

While working on my card, I took a logo again and figured that it would NOT fit on a card.
So back to the sketching board I went.


So I stuck to the same font as last time and tested it out.
I considered going with black and white but felt that it would be to flat. So I decided to make it a pale brown and cream combination.

The final print I wanted was black embossed on the same. So I found some origami paper of the same colour and cut into it. Once that was done, I put black paper in between to get the effect.


Fab 5 :Wire and Thread —

Fab 5 :Wire and Thread

Wire and thread. Who knew? When we were told to use two materials apart from ply and acrylic, my immediate thought was paper and metal sheets. But of course, when I went to buy that, I saw wire and forgot about the sheets.

Now that I had my wire and thread, I decided to make an organiser for small stationery ( paper clips and such ). Initially, I meant use thread just for the look of it, but it turned out to be the only thing that held my wire frames in place.Img1Img2

Then I made my jig to test this out and that worked well. But once I made my first piece for the organizer, I couldn’t help but think that it looked like people upside-down.



So I went on another tangent and so here is what I have now!


ICM 7 : DOM Elements — October 11, 2015
VLang 4 : Logo Design — October 10, 2015

VLang 4 : Logo Design

Personal Logo


While working on a logo this week I had to keep a few things in mind from last week –
1) My full name is huge. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to remember.
2) I would need a clean font for my name as there are a lot of letters.

I always have gone by ‘MG’ and the below logo.

So, I decided to modify ‘MG’ keeping the above points in mind.

Inspired by the SUN logo , I tried the following versions of ‘MG’.

The main thing that kept troubling me in the logo was the serifs, so I played around with those a bit.

Below is what I finally chose (for now)Logo2d

Logo analysis

This weekend, while watching the Browns vs Ravens face off, I was looking at the waves of purple in the stadium and immediately wanted to have a deeper look at the Ravens logo. However, while doing that the Patriots logo caught my eye and so I decided to look into theirs instead.


The New England patriots were merged from the Boston patriots whose initial logo was a simple cap. I find this logo quite revolutionary for that time as minimalism wasn’t much of a theme back then.


Post that they moved to various versions of what is known as ‘Pat Patriot’ logo. This covered the essentials for sure. The fact that it was football, the patriots and someone playing it. But I personally feel that this was too crowded.
This continued to be the New England patriots logo when the Boston patriots merged into New England Patriots in 1971. This continued till 1993.

This logo which portrays the spirit of the patriots was designed by Ken Loh in 1992 and stands to day sans a few minor colour changes.