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Power back at home — March 31, 2016

Power back at home

Looking past the irony of me traveling halfway across the world only to research on electricity at home, I began to look at BESCOM (Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company Limitied).


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Mobile App – Energy@ITP — March 28, 2016

Mobile App – Energy@ITP

Dynamic Web Development – As a part of this class, we have 1 assignment – to create a mobile app. To start of with, this needed an idea- of course.

logoContinuing in theme with the rest of my semester, I decided to take a look at the enertiv API. ITP has an energy monitoring system built on the floor and this has a summaryof all the devices on the floor and their power consumption. Using this information I plan to make an app that allows users on the floor to look at the consumption of energy over apst period of time.

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Behold! Dark Maze —
Energy – Finals — March 24, 2016

Energy – Finals

Your personal portable food heater
Team – Viniyata and Mathura

Kinowave is a portable heater that can be used to heat food and drinks contained in any glass or metal vessel. The heater is an external attachment for the vessel that heats it from the outside.

Powered by kinetic energy, kinowave will contain a heating pad that is an external attachment for the vessel that it will heat from outside. It will be powered by kinetic energy making it not only portable but also widely usable.


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Solar Energy – Feed Walle — March 10, 2016
User Testing — March 2, 2016