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openBCI — February 29, 2016


As we embarked on our journey through openBCI – it’s code and it’s potential, we came up with an idea for our project. Jordan, Cristina, Wangshu and myself decided to make a dark maze which is controlled by a persons brain.


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Bluetooth Low Energy — February 25, 2016

Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth low energy is an area with a wide variety of applications. In this class we learnt how to integrate the BLEPeripheral library with hardware like the BLENano and RFduino to make applications.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.04.39 PM.png

I set out to make a bluetooth controlled LED matrix. Where you can enter the pattern which you wish to see on your phone and it will be displayed on a LED matrix. I used an RFduino to run this.

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Kinetic energy challenge —
Wireframe – Food ordering — February 24, 2016
Count on your phone — February 16, 2016
Measure Energy – Literally —

Measure Energy – Literally

“Energy” is a class that focuses on renewable sources of energy and forces us to look back and remember how human muscle was once the biggest source of it.

For our Kinetic project we were asked to build  a mechanism that can produce a lot of light. Xiwei and myself, being enthusiasts of using everyday materials as much as possible – connected a measuring tape to our stepper motor.

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Count up.. and down.. — February 9, 2016
Everyday Design — February 2, 2016