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Processing: Aug 1st week — August 8, 2016

Processing: Aug 1st week

Aim of this week –

  • Implementation of a shadowDOM that contained outputs as per the examples stated here (Examples built by Claire)
    • approximating the location of the shape ( eg – top left, middle, bottom right )
    • finding out the colour of the shape( this was implemented with the help of ntc
    • getting its coordinates
    • Providing a summary of the entire canvas – no of shapes, what shapes etc
  • Make lint messages accessible to screen readers

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Processing: July 25th Week — August 1, 2016

Processing: July 25th Week

Aim for this week –

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Processing: July 11th Week — July 16, 2016
Processing: July 4th week — July 10, 2016
Processing: June 27th week — July 2, 2016

Processing: June 27th week

This week was full of experiments. The aim was to make a shadow DOM for the canvas so that those using screen readers can focus on the canvas and hear what is being drawn on the canvas.

To do this, I first started using esprima – it breaks down code into its function calls and parameters. Once this was done it was possible to get what functions were being called in the setup() and draw() function and what parameters were being passed into them.

Once this was available – next was to get the documentation that is generated by p5 using yuidocs. This json file provides data of the function name and the definition of the arguments.

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Processing: June 20th week — June 26, 2016
Processing: June 6th week — June 12, 2016