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Energy@ITP – Done! — April 25, 2016

Energy@ITP – Done!

Below are some screen shots of the finished app!

Splash screen

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.49.50 PM

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Updates – Energy@ITP — April 19, 2016
Mobile App – Energy@ITP — March 28, 2016

Mobile App – Energy@ITP

Dynamic Web Development – As a part of this class, we have 1 assignment – to create a mobile app. To start of with, this needed an idea- of course.

logoContinuing in theme with the rest of my semester, I decided to take a look at the enertiv API. ITP has an energy monitoring system built on the floor and this has a summaryof all the devices on the floor and their power consumption. Using this information I plan to make an app that allows users on the floor to look at the consumption of energy over apst period of time.

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