Taking all the feedback into consideration, I figured that having a Boy as the main character was not going to work for multiple reasons.

  • Many girls actually felt that the box was not for them to use
  • Boy didn’t even have a role as the user was actually doing the work

So, now I am thinking of making the user itself the main character and the CAT – their assistant. I did try doing this halfway through my testing in NY Hall of Sci and got much better response from the kids.

Current story series – CAT in the box (a spin off on Schrodinger’s cat)

Story 1 – House in the dark  – an interactive book to learn about simple circuits

CAT lives alone in this house and since he can see in the dark, has never fixed all the lights. Now the people are coming back and CAT needs to fix all the lights and find a flashlight before they come back!! Can you help CAT ?

Story 2 – an interactive book to learn about alternative sources of energy.

CAT was bored living alone in the house and chewed up all thee wires. Now the people are coming back from their vacation and CAT needs to find a way to turn on all the electronics in the house without using power from the power plant! Let’s help CAT!

Story 3 – an interactive book to learn about light and reflection

CAT and the people in the house had a fight 😦 Now, they hid all of the yarn in the house in a box with a lock. Luckily, there are so many mirrors in this house and a laser pointer. Can you help CAT find the combination to the lock so that he can play with his yarn?