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ANIMATION : CUT OUT 1 — November 25, 2015


Cut out animation. For some reason the only thing that I could think of was paper. Cut out – paper. But of course after the class I truly understood the meaning of it.

We were asked to create a story board and a character for our video. While I was brainstorming with Eva on this, we were talking about ‘being comfortable in your own skin’. So, that became our story outline!

And of course, what better way to talk about this topic than fashion magazines?

The story will involve our character walking through a walk of magazines, trying to look like the women in the magazine but ultimately realizing that she looks best in her own skin.

After hours of pouring the fashion magazines, we found what we felt was the perfect set of 24 pictures to set our background. We scanned them, put them together and below is our character and the background..

As she tries on each pair of clothes, we hope to transform her into the model itself..

Hope this story works as well as it is playing in our heads now!

ANIMATION : STOP MOTION 2 — November 15, 2015


It was one long monday.

Once our story board was complete we just decided to meet and finish the entire shooting in one stretch over a ‘few hours’. What a mistake that assumption was.

We started initially with filming all our scenes which required Karl to be on the board and then his overhead shots on the board.

For his fight with the bug, we had initially planned to do in on a disc but realized that the place was too small on that. So we switched to an actual circuit board as our setting. The difficult part to film was the part where he falls through and comes back up. After some tinkering Aaron drilled a hole through and stuck Karl to a wire and we shot him frame by frame there.

Below is our own little crime seen for when we were done.

Fitting in the music seemed intuitive as we knew what we wanted. Again, Aarons knowledge of Windows 3 helped when he picked the perfect background tune!

And here is our video –



Since our play testing, we have been working on our lights and here is the progress from last time!

Feedback from play testing

There was a consistent feedback about the size. People liked that it was small and they could play with it using their hands. We initially had an idea of it responding to sound, but that was largely felt as distracting. One common opinion was that it was too fragile.

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ICM 10 : Listen to the View — November 3, 2015