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Energy Finals — May 10, 2016

Energy Finals

Energy Finals – EnergyViz is meant to be a installation that explains to users the concept of energy and it’s usage in more humanistic ways.

While this project is still in progress, it has been through a lost of phases and prototypes.

It started off as purely a backend endeavor, to set up the enertiv server such that it is easily usable and possible to get realtime data from it.

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EnergyViz – WIP — May 2, 2016

EnergyViz – WIP

Energy Viz is an interactive heatmap of the ITP floor that lets people  know how much energy they are using on this floor and make them understand it in a more meaningful context.

It gives passers-by an easy-to-understand overview of the real time
energy use of the floor, while providing the ability for the curious to examine the
moment-by-moment data in more detail.

When users approach the screen, they will see a 3D model of the floor portraying the energy on the floor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.11.43 AM

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Energy Updates – server and wireframes — April 21, 2016
Finals time! — April 17, 2016

Finals time!

After relentless efforts of trying to create heat out of kinetic energy ( will update blog on methods tried), Viniyata and myself found some impracticalities in this idea. But at the same time, we had individually started working on behavior change through the EnertivAPI. (My phone app)

So, we decided to start working on a new project – an interactive heatmap of the ITP floor that lets people  know how much energy they are using on this floor and make them understand it in a more meaningful context.

And then began the ideation.


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What happens in the shop.. — April 7, 2016

What happens in the shop..

A recent finding/obsession of mine has been enertiv. Enertiv is an energy monitoring system which has been installed on the mystical ITP floor. Not only do they monitor the energy, they also provide APIs to view it. Using that I tried to make a visualization of the energy usage in the Shop over a week ( March 3rd 23:00 – March 10 23:00 EST ) .

The below interactive graph shows the individual usage of each equipment in the shop. The Grey rectangle indicate the hours when the shop is closed. (11pm – 9am)

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Power back at home — March 31, 2016
Energy – Finals — March 24, 2016

Energy – Finals

Your personal portable food heater
Team – Viniyata and Mathura

Kinowave is a portable heater that can be used to heat food and drinks contained in any glass or metal vessel. The heater is an external attachment for the vessel that heats it from the outside.

Powered by kinetic energy, kinowave will contain a heating pad that is an external attachment for the vessel that it will heat from outside. It will be powered by kinetic energy making it not only portable but also widely usable.


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Solar Energy – Feed Walle — March 10, 2016
Kinetic energy challenge — February 25, 2016
Measure Energy – Literally — February 16, 2016

Measure Energy – Literally

“Energy” is a class that focuses on renewable sources of energy and forces us to look back and remember how human muscle was once the biggest source of it.

For our Kinetic project we were asked to build  a mechanism that can produce a lot of light. Xiwei and myself, being enthusiasts of using everyday materials as much as possible – connected a measuring tape to our stepper motor.

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