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Energy Finals — May 10, 2016

Energy Finals

Energy Finals – EnergyViz is meant to be a installation that explains to users the concept of energy and it’s usage in more humanistic ways.

While this project is still in progress, it has been through a lost of phases and prototypes.

It started off as purely a backend endeavor, to set up the enertiv server such that it is easily usable and possible to get realtime data from it.

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EnergyViz – WIP — May 2, 2016

EnergyViz – WIP

Energy Viz is an interactive heatmap of the ITP floor that lets people  know how much energy they are using on this floor and make them understand it in a more meaningful context.

It gives passers-by an easy-to-understand overview of the real time
energy use of the floor, while providing the ability for the curious to examine the
moment-by-moment data in more detail.

When users approach the screen, they will see a 3D model of the floor portraying the energy on the floor.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.11.43 AM

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