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Cat in a Box – Fabrication — April 24, 2017

Cat in a Box – Fabrication

A quick step by step on all the fabrication for this box

Laser Cutting

Once I had all the files ready, I laser cut the various layers of the box with 1/8th plywood.



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Cat in a Box – Updates —

Cat in a Box – Updates

Master Switch

The last page in the box is going to have a master switch that will turn on all the other lights in the book.

This is a button that has all the other circuits in parallel along with a diode. The diode prevents all the other switches from acting like a master switch. Below is the circuit in action.



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The stories – Cat in the Box — April 3, 2017

The stories – Cat in the Box

Taking all the feedback into consideration, I figured that having a Boy as the main character was not going to work for multiple reasons.

  • Many girls actually felt that the box was not for them to use
  • Boy didn’t even have a role as the user was actually doing the work

So, now I am thinking of making the user itself the main character and the CAT – their assistant. I did try doing this halfway through my testing in NY Hall of Sci and got much better response from the kids.

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Changes from Feedback —