Testing Day !

At the NY Hall of Sci – I got to test the prototype with ~17 kids of a wide age range (age 5-11)


I had help to take down all the notes, all of which is here!

Listed below is the gist of all the feedback that I received along with future feedback and solution.

Feedback summary – 

  • Light feedback was very very well received
  • All the kids loved the trick box!
  • The X-ray view of the buildings was very helpful to see what was actually going on
  • The younger kids liked to see just the top layer while the older kids looked into the pages to see what is actually going on
  • The word “loop” was helping them understand how the circuit works
  • The LEDs and buttons were too flimsy and not easy to insert. The kids definitely commented on this, but surprisingly – it wasn’t a deal-breaker, they just took a different LED and moved on. One parent suggested using snap buttons to make it easier.
  • The sockets were too small to insert into
  • The words, “BOY” and “afraid” was surely a bit of a push back for some kids. The cat was my saving grace during the testing
  • Everyone used the book laying it flat


  • Colour code the + and –
  • Change the name of the story to “House in the dark” or something along those lines. Something that makes the kid the main character in the story.
  • Change the circuit components to be more like snap circuits (??) or Lego pieces
  • Last page can be 3D model of his bedroom
  • The last layer can be a transparent cover over the actual circuit
  • The first page has all the components plugged in to start of with