This past week I have looked into making my thesis topic a little clearer and understandable and here is where I am at.

“This project is an exploration on using Kavaad as a means to educate users on concepts like electronics and coding.”


I headed down to the Hall of Science to look at the exhibits and understand how these are built as to easily educate the children. (Huge shout to Satbir for helping me with this)

Below are some of the exhibits that linked storytelling to maths and science

 * A Multiplication machine
* A comic strip explaining probability distribution
* A workshop conducted by Sunita Vatuk that explains her observations on the intersection of kolam (a south indian art of decorating the floor in front of ones house) and mathematics
In addition to this, I have been watching more of Bill Nye videos and checking out small educational kits for kits such as circuitScribe.
The common elements in all these educational tools are as follows –
  • Strong visual language ( less words! )
  • Quick and simple stories
  • Lots of hands on interaction
  • A clear and simple explanation as to what happens and why?
(One very misconceived notion I had was that, I would need to keep the concepts themselves simple to ensure ease of use, but I was so very wrong! It is not about the concept itself but the presentation that makes the user stay or go.)
Additionally, I have been taking more notice to how people learn in general. Specifically in the lower east side club and also when I informally teach adults how to code for the first time.

User Persona

With the observation I made over this week, below are the 2 distinct user personas I can think of ( for now ) –

Name: Joe

Age: 10

Hobbies: Video Games, Soccer, Playing with his little brother, Spaceships.Everything about spaceships

Interested in tinkering around with new toys that will help him understand how a spaceship works!

Name: Maya

Age: 50

Hobbies: Arts, stitching, embroidery

Quick and fast learner but due to circumstances has not been able to learn new things in the recent past. Now has some time and wishes to learn new things in an easy and comfortable way.

Usually scared to get into “new age” technology due to how it is usually portrayed as difficult. Still prefers learning from books instead of an iPad/laptop.

Story Board

The intended use of this box is to teach someone a concept or a topic and to make them feel both curious and empowered at the end of it.

Initially, the user approaches the box and notices the strong visual elements on the box and can start to poke and prod at it while discovering the many “doors” in it.



Inside the box, there are various tasks to be completed by the user that will help them open the next door.


On completing all the tasks, they will open the last door to the “shrine”/the bog reveal which will lead to the final feeling of increased curiosity and a feeling of having learnt.