The last week I have been messing with creating patterns on a computer.  The idea was to recreate my own doodles on a machine.

Doing so, I ended up with the below program

p5 sketch to draw circle doodles

Below are some drawings I created using this –






Now that I had something that could create some basic designs – the idea was to train the computer on one of these to get a design of it’s own.

I did this by making a drawing and training the model on the x and y coordinates my mouse moved to at that point.

Using that data – I run it through rnn code from karpathy and got a smaller set of x and y coordinates and mapped those.

Here is my first shot at this –

Training image


Computer drawn image


This is obviously NOT an efficient way of doing this, considering I had to train the x and the y separately and then pasted data from p5 to python and back. But still, it is a start that I’m very excited about!!