As we embarked on our journey through openBCI – it’s code and it’s potential, we came up with an idea for our project. Jordan, Cristina, Wangshu and myself decided to make a dark maze which is controlled by a persons brain.


The openBCI software and hardware has the potential to measure EEG, EMG and ECG. We used this in the following manner to control our maze – blinks triggered EMG signals which help navigate the moves left and right. Titling the head forward and backward triggered the accelerometer which moved the ball forward and backward. And finally, focusing triggered high amplitude alpha waves which would turn on the lights in the maze.


The openBCI code is an open source available on github – . The code we tweaked and used is available here -

Here is the flow for the source code – CodeFlow

We made the prototype for the maze in Unity and controlled it with the modified code that pulled the required signals. We tested it out in the NeuroTechNYC Meetup.

During this, we had people who wished to try drawing with the openBCI code – so we tried the same as well. Below is a video from the user testing.