While last week we looked at building a physical model to count up and down, this week we went digital. So I decided to model my phone app after the below physical model I had created.IMG_20160209_134039285_HDR

The aim was to create an app where people can count with the aid of a picture. Below is the first prototype of the app –


After getting initial feedback on this, I made a few more changes and paper prototyped it



Next, was to make people test the paper prototype. The simple screen added a huge cue to the usability and helped in the testing largely. ( One person even “took a selfie” )

After this round of testing, below is the model I have. The changes from the initial to the final prototype include

  1. Changing the interface the helps in setting the target number.
  2. Changing the gallery icon
  3. Indicating that a picture has to be selected
  4. Including a numeric count in along with counting by tiles
  5. Editing the help text


Final Prototype