This week I embarked on a internet journey to explore “counting devices”. Here are a few I came across that definitely made me stop.

The classic alarm clock – I wondered WHY I liked this? Because it’s physical!, there’s no swiping, not gestures. It’s physically turning the knob and pressing the buttons that I liked.

clock3.jpgThe new wooden-digital-feel – This is a LED clock they sell on Amazon. I like this one because of the “organic” feel of it. The wood made it look like a mroe natural item that a manufactured product.


So, I tried to combine, buttons, wood and wrap it with a digital world to account for the variety of choices and here is what I ended up with –




Features –

  • Control Panel – to set the target number and start number. This will automatically decide whether to count up or down
  • Cube/Cuboid LED displays – these are replaceable displays, so that you can choose which one to use. If only 2 digits are required, only 2 cuboids can be used
  • Button – there is only one button on the bottom left that is used to count up or down
  • Progress bar – a bar on the left displays how close to your goal you are!

The aim was to keep only the button and progress bar visible while in use so that the user is not overloaded by the options in the control panel at other times.

The other counter I tried was based on pictures. In this prototype, the control panel lies at the back. The front has a screen that can change the number of pixel ( number of pixels indicate the number to count to or from) along with a picture inserted by the user. Here the progress is visual – i.e – the more times you rotate the dial, the more pixels get covered or uncovered (depending on whether one is counting up or down)