This week in class we were asked to look at the design of everyday objects,experiences or interfaces around us and pick ones that we enjoyed and those that we didn’t.


To pick something that I liked was surprisingly easy – the Tide detergent bottle.0003700080477_A

It’s not a perfect solution yet, but it is surely an improvement over the previous bottles. With this one, I could just leave the bottle where it was, press the button when I needed it and do the laundry!

What really made me appreciate this design was the use of simple science to make the flow f liquid start and stop. Also, the cap design prevents liquid from falling out.

A good read – when I was doing research on the tide packaging, I came across this design on Behance for redesigning the Tide bottles –



Another design that I came across this week, was the braille cube, a simple cube which will help people learn braille. The simplicity of it’s design attracted me – it basically consists of 3 rectangle pieces which have raised marking on their side. Using the three pieces, all the possible combinations of letters can be made and learnt. Below are pictures of the same – the first one available online, the second is something I put together in out shop.0007522-pocket-braille-cube-learning-device IMG_20160131_183758685.jpg


My old pepper spray. This was more dangerous to the user than the attacker for sure. While it technically served it’s purpose, the bottle had no indication as to where the nozzle was. No colour differentiation, no physical depression. Nothing. If one was to use it, they would have to pause stare at the bottle, hold it right and then use it. Seems not the most practical solution.


Things like pepper sprays should have a intuitive touch, so that they can be used in times of emergency. Below is a few additions I though would help.


Another experience of bad design I face everyday is the traffic light outside the Holland tunnel. I need to cross the road there and pedestrians cannot cross here unless you press the button to cross. Except you can’t see it from a distance.


As you move closer, you do see the curious little button which you have to press with all your might. Also, up till today, I have no idea which button helps me cross which way.

Here are a few additions which may alter this experience a bit.